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What is included in a typical home inspection?

Not all home inspections are the same. Check Twice Home Inspections takes a thorough look at all systems in the house. We know this is a big decision for our clients and take time to talk through our findings with them.

The inspection is a visual, non-invasive assessment of accessible areas of a residential property at the date & time the inspection is performed. Typically the report is performed within the Standards of Practice of the State of Florida Florida SOP.pdf  Many home inspection companies, including Check Twice Home Inspections, go above and beyond the standards.

Starting at $350

During our inspection, we evaluate:

  • The Roof, Roof Covering, Roof Structure
  • Interior & Exterior Surfaces
  • Ceilings & Floors
  • Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Windows (screens, glazing, locks, and window operation)
  • Electrical system: panels, breakers, wires, receptacles, switches & fixtures
  • Air Conditioning (indoor and outdoor units) and Heating Equipment
  • Ductwork, Plenums & registers
  • Interior Faucets & Fixtures (water closets, tubs& showers
  • Laundry Connections
  • Drains, Waste & Vents
  • Water Heaters
  • Dishwashers, Disposals, Cook Tops, Ovens, Range Hoods
  • Pool and Pool Equipment (if requested)
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Home Inspection FAQs

How much does a home inspection cost?

The average cost of a home inspection for a single-family home in the U.S. is between $300 and $500. 

Should sellers be present at the home inspection?

For a pre-listing home inspection that the seller ordered, then yes they can attend and should be there. If it is an inspection paid by the buyer, then the seller typically would not attend. Buyer-paid inspections work best with the buyer present so they can discuss any issues with the home personally with the licensed home inspector. If you are buying or selling, speak to your Realtor about the home inspection. Your realtor can guide you through the process.

Is a new construction home inspection standard?

A new construction sale will include a final walkthrough with the builder, but this doesn’t always include an inspection. An experienced home inspector should provide an independent inspection to check for quality issues, and safety concerns and proper construction practices are followed.  You will want to have the new construction inspection before the drywall goes up and once afterward. At the minimum, have at least a single inspection after the construction is complete prior to your final walk-through.  Call to arrange the best time.

Do property managers need pre-rental inspections?

For commercial clients, we provide rental property inspections and multi-unit inspections which have similarities to the standard home inspection.  This could be part of a pre-rental inspection or for new construction of multi-units. As a landlord or property manager, you will always need to inspect the rental property at the minimum of when the tenants move out, while the rental is occupied, or when the tenant moves out.

Do sellers have to fix everything on home inspections?

Most home inspection deficiencies are typically maintenance issues, recommendations, and minor imperfections, however the issues that really matter fall into four major categories:

  1. Major structural defects, such as foundation failure.
  2. Conditions that can lead to major issues such as major water intrusion issues or mechanical failures.
  3. Issues that may not allow you to; finance, insure, or legally occupy the home if not immediately rectified.
  4. Life safety issues such as electrical defects, no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, or overhead garage door issues.