New Construction Inspection

Why It’s Essential to Inspect Newly Constructed Homes Before Purchase

In an ever-evolving housing market, especially here in Polk County, characterized by skyrocketing prices for both pre-owned and newly constructed homes, understanding the true value of your investment is crucial. With the rising costs of labor and materials, ensuring that the quality of your new home matches its price is more important than ever. This is where the pivotal role of a comprehensive home inspection comes into play.

Despite the assumption that newly built homes are free from defects, statistics reveal a striking contrast in inspection rates: while 80-90% of pre-owned homes undergo thorough inspections, a mere 20-30% of new constructions are evaluated by independent inspectors. Many homebuyers rely on municipal inspections for assurance, mistakenly believing that these checks guarantee the absence of issues. However, the reality, as uncovered through extensive experience in phased inspections of new constructions, tells a different story.

Consider a telling incident encountered during a pre-drywall inspection: a critical load-bearing wall on the second floor was compromised with numerous studs incorrectly cut, jeopardizing the structure’s integrity. Despite passing city inspections and the builder’s initial reluctance to address the issue, the problem was rectified only after the intervention of an experienced inspector. This scenario is far from unique, underscoring the frequent discovery of structural and mechanical flaws that, if left undocumented, would remain concealed behind drywall, unbeknownst to the buyer.

The Benefits of Hiring an Independent Home Inspector for New Constructions

By engaging an independent home inspector, you gain a staunch advocate dedicated to identifying and resolving potential issues before they’re obscured by subsequent construction phases. This not only imposes an additional layer of accountability on the builder but also ensures that the entire construction process is meticulously documented for your records.

A professional inspection serves as a critical safeguard for your investment, offering peace of mind that your new home’s structural and mechanical integrity meets the highest standards. If you or someone you know is venturing into the construction of a new home, enlisting the expertise of a local home inspector with a background in new construction is an indispensable step in protecting one of your most significant assets.

For expert guidance and comprehensive inspection services tailored to new constructions, consider reaching out to Check Twice Home Inspection. Secure your investment with the assurance that your new home is not just visually appealing, but structurally sound and built to last.

The percentages mentioned (80-90% of pre-owned homes getting inspections, and only 20-30% of new construction homes being inspected by an independent inspector) are illustrative and commonly used in discussions to emphasize the discrepancy in inspection rates between pre-owned and newly constructed homes. However, these figures are not sourced from a specific study or publication. For accurate and up-to-date statistics, it would be best to consult recent studies or reports from reputable organizations in the real estate or home inspection industry, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).