New Construction Inspection – Phased Inspections

New Construction Inspection

Pre-slab inspection

This takes place prior to your concrete foundation being poured.  The inspector checks to see if the house is laid out according to plans and will look at the footers, the reinforcing bars used, along with the initial plumbing layout.  This is the only time to check the foundation of the house.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

This inspection takes place once the framing is in place and the doors, windows and roof are in.  The plumbing and electrical are in place but are not serviceable. The insulation has not been added yet.  This gives the inspector time to look at the framing and ensure that walls will be structurally sound.  Sometimes, overzealous trades people cut notches and bore holes to run electric and plumbing and don’t realize they are diminishing the integrity of the board.

The Final Inspection

This inspection place prior to closing and right around the time you do a “blue tape” walk-through with your builder.  The major systems of the house and the finishes get checked to ensure they are working properly and aesthetically pleasing. This and the other two inspections get scheduled with the builder.

Home Warranty Inspections

In our area, all newly built homes come with a one-year home warranty.  That means there are certain things the builder is responsible for, for up to 12 months after the closing date.  There may be issues with some of the main systems in the house: the roof, the electrical, the plumbing, or the AC.  There may also be some smaller items such as cabinet doors that have come loose, or maybe a faucet broke.  Getting a home warranty inspection after 11 months in your new home is a great way to document and report issues that are covered under your warranty.  This gives a comprehensive list to your builder.

Check Twice Home Inspections communicates with the builder on your behalf and will schedule the inspections with them.   We provide the builder with our license, a certificate of insurance, and any other credentials they require.