Wind Mitigation Inspection

7 Things Covered In A Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Hire a home inspector for a wind mitigation inspection

With hurricane season upon us, it is important to check your home’s readiness to withstand strong winds.  You can do this by hiring a licensed home inspector to perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection.  A wind mitigation inspection determines the stability of your home in the event of strong winds.  Specific features like your roof, outside doors, and windows are evaluated for their ability to hold up against strong winds.

7 things the home inspector will look at:
  1. Construction Year: the year your home was built, which tells the home inspector how strict the building codes were;
  2. Roof Covering: the type of roof covering (shingle, tile, etc.) and age of the roof;
  3. Roof Decking: the material your decking (i.e. the material your shingles are nailed to) is made of, the type of nails securing the shingles, and how far apart the nails are;
  4. Roof To Wall Attachment: the method used to attach the roof to your walls;
  5. Roof Shape: the shape and slope of your roof;
  6. Secondary Water Resistance: the type of material between the shingles and roof decking;
  7. Opening Protections: whether you have additional protections on openings such as sunroofs, garage doors, windows, etc.

Obviously, the newer, stronger, and better constructed your roof is, the more protection it can provide against wind damage.

Most insurance companies will give homeowners a significant discount on their homeowners’ insurance with a favorable wind mitigation report.  Many insurance companies, especially in Florida, are now requiring wind mitigation inspections to get coverage.

When you find a reputable and licensed home inspector like Wayne & Patsy Rogers of Check Twice Home Inspections we can guarantee we’ll provide the most accurate report for your peace of mind and home insurance. Combine other inspection reports to save during your home buying and insuring process. Contact us today by email: Wayne Rogers Or Schedule Your Inspection Today!

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