Sell your house faster

How to help your house sell faster?

help sell your house faster

How can you help your house sell faster?

This is the question on every homeowner’s mind who toys with the idea of listing their home right now. It is definitely a seller’s market in the housing industry. With home prices up, many homeowners stand to make a nice profit on their largest investment. You might think your home is as good as sold but if you’re like most homeowners, this means it’s been over a dozen years since you’ve had to complete a home inspection for homeowners insurance.

We have had a higher call volume of frantic home buyers asking to get inspections completed in a 3-to-5 day timeframe. Because their dream home won’t last long if they don’t act fast. With multiple offer situations becoming a regular occurrence in Lakeland, Polk County, and Florida it’s imperative to act fast.

Homeowners are of the mindset, “If these buyers don’t work out, we will quickly move to the next interested party.” However, this can be the wrong approach due to one recurring and problematic issue for both the seller and the buyer – homeowners insurance.

This is how the cycle in the housing market goes:

  • You’re ready to sell your house
  • You have a pre-qualified buyer ready to move forward, bravo!
  • The buyer’s lender requires them to have Homeowners insurance before they will lend them the money
  • The insurance requires an inspection before they will insure the potential buyer
  • An inspection reveals a major problem preventing required proof of insurance (like an aging roof or peeling stucco or old wiring, etc.)
  • The buyer can’t get insurance until the issue is fixed

Now the tables are turned and you’re the seller needing to dole out additional money to make repairs. Gone are the days when you can lower the price for the new buyer to fix the problem. This is unless you get a cash buyer willing to overlook or forego the home inspection. The entire scenario makes it more difficult for you as the seller to get your home sold.

If you want to get your home sold, and fast, we have 4 quick and easy steps to take before listing your home or sharing with your agent you’d like to list your home for sale.

4 Quick & Easy Steps to Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

  1. Get your home inspection done by a professional and take care of required repairs to ensure your home passes the buyer’s inspection
  2. Know where you’re going before you put the sign in the yard
  3. Declutter your home… That’s right, Go Marie Kondo crazy! It’ll help buyers visualize themselves making the home their own, and
  4. Research the market

We hate to see our customers in a bind, even though we answer the call and 9 times out of 10 are able to provide a 3-day turnaround on a home inspection. However, what we can’t guarantee is that you’ll pass an inspection for your potential buyer’s insurance if you don’t call us prior to listing your home for sale. For just under $350 you can have the peace of mind knowing your home is ready to be on the market (and grin all the way to the bank once it’s sold). Make your appointment today, schedule online here.