Home Inspection vs Insurance Inspection

What’s The Difference Between A Home Inspection And An Insurance Inspection?

Home Inspection vs Insurance Inspection

Insurance companies in Florida have been going through a lot of changes in Florida this past year. We get calls on a daily basis from frantic home owners who have gotten the dreaded “You are being dropped” from their homeowners insurance or their insurance company has pulled out of Florida. In either case, when shopping for new homeowners insurance, your insurance company is going to ask you to give them a 4-point inspection or a wind mitigation or both. Each insurance company is different. Ask your insurance provider what they want and if they tell you that you just need a 4 point inspection, ask them if a wind mitigation would help your rates at all.

A 4 point inspection gives a quick look at the 4 major systems in the house. The roof, the HVAC, the electrical and the plumbing.

This is just general information that helps the insurance company know the age of the systems and what materials were used with them.  It is not a replacement for a full home inspection when purchasing a home. This inspection takes about 45 minutes.  This report goes to the homeowner and the insurance company.

A wind mitigation inspection lets the insurance company know how well your house will stand up to strong winds in a storm or a hurricane.

Many homeowners get this after they have had a new roof installed. Again, this is not a replacement for a full home inspection when purchasing a home. This inspection takes 30-45 minutes. This report goes to the homeowner and the insurance company.  

A full home inspection is what takes place when purchasing a property. 

It is a very detailed inspection that could take 2-3 hours at the property being inspected.  A home inspection goes to the home buyer and the lender. Most home buyers are going to need both a home inspection and one or both of the insurance inspections.  Check with your insurance provider what they will want from you when purchasing a home.  

With all of these inspections, the person paying for the inspection owns them and can share them with any person or business they choose.  The insurance inspections are typically good for 2-5 years.  Each of these inspections should only be performed by a licensed home inspector.  At Dixieland Home Inspections, we are licensed and insured in all home inspections: 4 point, wind mitigation, full home, and more. You can choose your own inspector by searching the internet but be sure to check their rating and reputation by looking for someone with good reviews.  You can also ask your Insurance agent or Realtor if they have some people they recommend. 

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