roof replacement

How To Determine You Need A Roof Replacement?

roof replacement

We got the dreaded notice this spring. Our insurance was being canceled. Of course, our insurance company didn’t provide a cause for cancellation but because of our line of work, we were confident it was the age of our roof.

Our roof is 21 years old. Now, we have had no issues with the roof- there are no leaks, it’s just a little old. According to our insurance company, it’s time for a roof replacement. If you ask us, we could probably hold off a few years. 

We had a call this week from a homeowner that couldn’t understand why her insurance company would only give her 15 years on her roof when she purchased a 25-year shingle. Welcome to Florida – where the heat and storms suck the life out of our roofs.

You need to speak to your insurance company but on average:

  • A rolled roof will be given 5-10 years for insurance purposes
  • A 3-tab shingle roof will be given 15 years (even if you purchase shingles that say 25 years)
  • An Architectural shingle roof will be given 25 years (even if you purchase a 35-year shingle)
  • A metal roof will be given 40 years

All this to say, don’t be surprised if your insurance company is contacting you sooner than you expect. Ask your insurance company what they need? It’s possible a roof inspection can attest to the life left in your roof will satisfy your insurance carrier. If you choose to get a new roof you will want a wind mitigation inspection, and if you are shopping for new insurance altogether you will need a 4 point inspection.

We ended up getting a new roof and decided to go with a metal roof. From our perspective, if we retire in this home, it should be the last roof we will ever need.

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