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7 Ways To Be A Good Landlord

There are many responsibilities required for being a good landlord, especially in the State of Florida. One of the best things you can do before finding a tenant is to know your Landlord/Tenant Laws. Also, we would encourage you to have your lease agreement reviewed by a legal representative or attorney. Being a good landlord means finding a good property that will produce income, as well as not becoming a hassle for upkeep, maintenance, or a money pit. 

How To Be A Good Landlord

  1. You must be able to be reasonable and understanding with people, but also not allow people to take advantage of you. 
  2. One important thing is to find a house to rent out in a good area. College towns are great places to rent out from as many students will be looking for a place to live. 
  3. It is important to “love the deal, not the house”. The house does not have to be your dream home, so don’t limit yourself to houses that fit your expectations. 
  4. Find a suitable house that is reasonable for you to rent out to people. 
  5. Always be careful with non-conjoining bedrooms. Some landlords will rent extra spaces out as bedrooms, but they won’t meet safety standards. If listing an extra space as a room, be sure it meets safety standards, like having a clear fire exit. 
  6. You’re going to need to prepare the house before tenants move in, such as cleaning and making any repairs necessary. 
  7. Remember to always be human. Some landlords will be abusive and controlling just because the tenants live on their property. Your tenants are people too and should be treated as such. 

Now if there are any major issues that need drastic measures, such as tenants not keeping up with rent, always be calm, and follow local and state laws in dealing with these situations. 

We recommend having a home inspection prior to any home purchase, especially an investment property you plan to lease or rent. For more information, or if you would like to schedule a home inspection and speak to a trusted home inspector, call Check Twice Home Inspections of Lakeland, Florida, at 863-999-2172

For more information about being a landlord, visit NACHI here.