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Top 5 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

Buying a home is an exciting, but stressful process. Getting a home inspection prior to buying a home will allow you to find out the condition of the home, and inform you of any future repairs you may need to make. It is a small price to pay now to avoid a larger hidden price later.

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

    Home inspections help you figure out problems you cannot see

    A Home Inspection is an in-depth inspection of the structure of the home, windows and walls, electrical work, plumbing, appliances, and the exterior of the home. Paying to have one done may reveal major issues like old plumbing or electrical work that need to be updated. Without an inspection, these issues would go unseen and may cost you more later down the road.

    Future expenses

    Home inspections will not only show current damage but can inform you of any repairs you may need to make in the future. Things like when you will need to replace the roof, windows, or ac unit may influence your decision to make an offer or not. A Home Inspection allows you to buy the house knowing what will need to be repaired and when.

    Inspect structure

    Foundational issues are a major red flag when buying a home, and can be very costly. Newer homes are not exempt from foundational problems either. If the home was built on deforested land, a prior wetland, or a sinkhole, there are additional foundational concerns. Getting a home inspection before purchasing a home will avoid any major structural concerns after buying a home.


    If any major issues are found after an inspection, you can negotiate the price of the home down due to the damages. Getting a home inspection may allow you to have the seller fix the issues, or negotiate a lower price so you can afford to fix the issues before moving in.

    Exit opportunity

    Overall, home inspections will show you exactly what you are buying. If what you discover after the inspection is too costly or doesn’t satisfy your lender’s requirements, you will have an opportunity to rescind your offer.

    Getting a home inspection gives you all the facts about the home and will help you decide whether or not to purchase the home. Check Twice Home Inspections offers several inspections for your home. Call us today to discuss all of your home inspection needs.