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Easy Annual Home Maintenance Tips

With every New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe that’s eating cleaner, exercising more, or being a better person. Along with your resolutions, your home should have some too. Here are some easy annual home maintenance tips to have your home just as ready for the new year as you are.

Easy Annual Home Maintenance Tips

Inspect your roof

See if any shingles have come loose, blown off, or been damaged in any way, and get those repaired. If you aren’t really sure what you are looking for, give us a call to schedule an inspection. We will get it all taken care of for you and give you an easy-to-read report when we are done.

Clean your gutters

Check your gutters for any buildup, and clean them out. You will want to regularly check your gutters throughout the year to prevent any more buildup.

Inspect your trees

Check your trees for any low-hanging branches, and get those trimmed away to avoid any fallen branches on your home.

Check for rodents or bugs

Look thoroughly at the outside and inside of your property and check for any signs of pests. Look in any space where rodents could possibly enter your home. Call an extermination company to rid your home of any pests.

Check your dishwasher hose/washer hose for leaks

Nobody likes a leaky faucet. Save yourself some money and prevent water damage by inspecting and repairing any leaks you find.

Paint touch-up

Touch up your interior and exterior walls with paint. If you have children or entertain a lot, chances are something could use a little help.

Inspect your furniture and cabinets

Check for any damaged or loose screws. Tighten screws or repair any damaged furniture to avoid injury.

Check fire extinguishers

See if your fire extinguishers are out of date, damaged, or have lost pressure. If you have a traditional or disposable fire extinguisher, you may need to replace it if you find any issues. They should be replaced every 10 -12 years while rechargeable fire extinguishers should be recharged every 6 years without any problems. Here is a helpful article on fire extinguishers.

Check for plumbing leaks

Check for any leaks under your sinks, toilets, etc. Also, look for any water damage. 

lawn equipment Maintenance

Since grass is not growing as much this time of year, now is a good time to give your lawn equipment a little TLC and make sure everything is working properly for the spring. 

These are just a few ways that can help make your life easier. If you are interested in having a professional inspect the entirety of your home, your local pros at Check Twice Home Inspections are standing by. Schedule your inspection today.