Home Inspector inspecting roof shingles

What happens to your house after a hurricane?

Home Inspector inspecting roof shingles

Have you ever been out furniture shopping? You’ve had your eyes on a beautiful couch that would look absolutely stunning in your home. You imagine watching movies on it as a family, snuggled up with your puppy on it, or even just sitting down to reply to emails. It checks every box on the list. But, to your surprise, when you go to test it out it is extremely uncomfortable.  You just cannot sit on it. 

Unfortunately, looks can often be deceiving. After a hurricane or large storm, we look for any significant damage that may have affected your home, especially our roofs. Not knowing how much damage has been done can be very stressful. Looking from the ground up, it may look like everything is fine. That’s why Check Twice Home Inspections climbs onto your roof for a closer inspection.  Just like you took a closer look at the couch before you buy it, you need a professional to take a closer look at your home to determine the extent of the damage.

Let’s step back and see how shingles are installed on your roof. Shingles are placed in layers, typically nailed down with four nails but can be nailed down with six in weather prone areas. They are glued down where they overlap, to avoid peeling back. However, strong winds can lift the shingles up from the ends and cause them to bend and crease backwards. Constant winds can cause the shingle to detach from the glue and lift.  If they don’t completely lift off your roof, they can lay back down and appear unaffected. However, they still have that crease, and integrity of the shingle is compromised leaving it vulnerable to further damage.

Not knowing the state of your roof can be stressful. From the untrained eye, it may look like little to no damage has occurred. However, professionals can get a closer look and fully inspect your roof.  Since the hurricane,  Check Twice has inspected roofs that look good at first glance but upon further inspection are significantly damaged. We are willing to support you through an insurance claim with a trusted Insurance Agent, and we work with local licensed and insured home roofers like Musick Roofing to help you navigate your roofing needs. So, when you are trying to decide whether to get your roof and your home checked out, it is best to call a professional who can give you a proper inspection and peace of mind. Our team at Check Twice is ready to assist you by phone. Check us out at checktwice.net or email at info@checktwice.net